My Progress

Hi guys, I hope to keep you all informed on how I’m tracking on my journey to healthy living and I’m going to be 100% honest about it, so if that means I have a really bad week one week, I’ll let you know about it, but fingers crossed I don’t.

Starting Weight – Feb 20, 2017: 104.5kg (230 pounds)

Current Weight – June 12, 2017: 92.0 kg (202.8 pounds)

Body Measurements

Upper Arm (Left, fullest part): -3 cm

Bust (fullest part): -6.5 cm

Midriff (under bust): -7cm

Waist: -11.5 cm

Hips: -17 cm

Thigh (Left mid): -8 cm

Total cm/inch loss: 53 cm (20.8 inches)

Progress Photos:

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