Hello there, this is my quick reference page for all of my favourite workouts or people I consider to be fitness guru’s. I am by no means affiliated with these people or earn any money for sharing their content. They’re just people I’ve found surfing the good old web and love what they have to offer.

Blogilates – Cassey Ho – YouTube

I love Cassey’s YouTube channel. There are a lot a videos available. They run roughly between 8-15 mins so I tend to do the same video a couple of times or do a couple of different one’s.

Lori Harder – YouTube &

I love Lori!! Instagram suggested I follow her and I’ve loved her content & her workouts. She held a 14 day consistency challenge on Instagram which was great for me. Her workout videos on YouTube aren’t very long so you could probably make a playlist of them, but she does have programs available over at her website. I also love her Vlogs of wisdom on her YouTube channel and her “Earn Your Happy” podcast on iTunes. If you can’t tell, I’m a huge Lori Harder fan!!