Hi there!! My name is Jessica Little. I’m a thirty something year old mother of 2, social media marketer, first time blogger and I’m on a journey to health and a better lifestyle for both me and my family.

I’ve been on weight loss journeys in the past but have never fully had the motivation, confidence or mind set to stick with it. At my heaviest in October of 2015 I weighed 125.5kg (277pounds) and today, I weigh in at 104.5kg (230 pounds).

A month ago, I wouldn’t have had the guts (no pun intended) to put this information out into the world wide web, but I have since come to learn to face my fears if I want to be a role model to my children and inspire and motivate others like me. I hope to learn many, many things on this journey and in turn pass this knowledge on to the rest of the world.2015-to-2017-comparison-16-months-difference

So to close out, I am ultimately here today to find myself an accountability partner. And that accountability partner is the world. I can’t give up and runaway with the whole world watching!! I am here to finally get fit, healthy and live a life that my family and I deserve.