Week 4. The Journey So Far…

Weight loss to date 3.1kg (6.8lb) & 19cm (7.5inch). I’m really quite proud of this weight loss. Yes it could be more, but if I had the same mindset I did a month ago, it could be nothing. I would’ve like the loss to be a little bit more, but overall happy with where I have started.

But now it’s time to pick up the pace. I’ve worked my way into this journey and the next 4 weeks I need to increase my game. Work out harder, push myself to do more each day, get out of my comfort zone. NO CHEATING in my eating options. It’s time to cut the crap and get real.

I’m extremely grateful that I have a daughter that is right into her fitness at an early age (13 years). She takes after her dad, so she if very lean and she has been an amazing motivator for me. We like to go for walks together, but this old snail is no match for her. So this month is about picking up the pace, taking myself out of my comfort zone. I’m going to a beep test every month to see the improvements I’m making and think it’ll be something that my daughter would like to do to.tea

I also look forward to discovering new recipes and new foods. I’ve tried smoked salmon before but I’ve never actually had a salmon fillet until last night and through the power of google, I found out how to cook it and it came out perfect. I paired it with some stir fried  vegies and brown rice and it was amazing.

So I can’t wait for the month ahead. For the changes I’ll implement. For the discoveries I’ll find – within myself and in this beautiful world, and to see what my results will be in another 4 weeks because I know that they are going to blow my mind.

Hope you’re having an amazing day!!



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