Weigh In Week 3

This morning I weighed in at 102.2kg (225lb) I’m a little disappointed in myself at the moment. This week saw a drop of only 300gm (0.6lb) & 3.5cm (1.5inch). I know it’s still a loss but I also know that I could’ve put a lot more effort in.

I’ve told myself that this time I’m going to ease into this transformation to healthier living, well ease into the fitness part anyway. Apart from eating out for lunch on Saturday and Sunday (something that I haven’t done in months and then I eat out 2 days in a row), all of my meals have been healthy options. I don’t drink soda or any other sugary drinks, it’s just water and herbal tea. I do need to up my water intake though because some days I probably don’t even get a litre in, but apart from that, I’m quite happy with the food side of things.

Last time on my journey to healthy living, I think that I went to hard too quick and I burnt out and I couldn’t be bothered getting back on the horse. So this time I wanted to take it easy, but I think maybe I’ve been taking it too easy. I’ve been going for walks everyday and making sure I get in 10,000 steps but I think I need to push myself to try and jog a bit (something that is very scary to me) and build it up to a run. I’ve been doing workouts from YouTube but this week I’ve been a bit slack. I’ve just lost a bit of motivation this week. I also need to incorporate strength training.

I’m 100% positive that next weeks results will be better.

Hope you’re having an amazing day!!


P.S Check out My Progress page for full results


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