Don’t let doubt freak you out!!

So I’ve been on my journey to health for a bit over a week now and I’m feeling fantastic. I jumped on the scales this morning and I’m down 1.1kg (2 lb). I’m really quite proud of my efforts this week.

Then I jump online and see a story that the fitness guru, Bob Harper, suffered a massive heart attack 2 weeks ago. Suddenly I can feel my mindset change, I’m starting to doubt what I’m doing. I’m starting to wonder if there’s really any point when a man as fit and healthy as Bob Harper can have a heart attack?

But thanks to all of the personal development and mindset activities I’ve been doing lately, I know that there is a point. That Bob has different makeup to me, our genetics are different. That I am worth being fit and healthy, that my family deserves me to be healthy.

Something as simple as seeing someone else get sick could have once deterred me and made me doubt my efforts and think twice about getting healthy, but not anymore. I’ve learnt too much and come too far, and I’m sure Bob wouldn’t like to think that his setback has stopped others from reaching their health and fitness goals.

So no matter what journey you are on, whether it be health/fitness, business, growing a family, if you see someone else have a setback, don’t let it put doubt into your head, don’t doubt the journey that you are on. They are not you. Your destiny  does not come from other peoples achievements or setbacks. You’ll reach your destiny by staying the course, trusting your initial instinct, believing in what you are doing, don’t be discouraged if there are setbacks, learn and grow from setbacks and most of all,  DON’T LET DOUBT FREAK YOU OUT!!!

Hope you’re having an amazing day!!


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